Captainsauce Wiki

A glorious original group of original character

Until Freddy, Bendy, and Neighbor all hit them with a lawsuit and they died. Now lets look at their members

Fredo Fozbar[]

The leader of the bunch you know his name he's a bear robot that attempted to murder Captainsauce in a strange house...

Bono Bunny[]

An original blue bunny character that also attempted to murder Cap in the same strange house... (their stories are all the same too huh)

Chico Chicken[]

The yellow chicken of the bunch and attempted murderer of Cap in the strange house Bono and Fredo tried to kill Cap in...


He orange fox that tried killing Cap in the same house


The inky devil with a nice hat and tie who tried murdering Cap in a different house. I would say finally originality but none of this is original


The only human of the bunch and this guy tried killing Cap while he was at work looking security camera while getting hit with ads